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What Teachers, Librarians, and PTA representativesare saying about our InterACTIVE enrichment programs

   I am delighted to   recommend Author Jason Edwards to lead a storytelling and writing program at your school.  He was mesmerizing for our students.  He has incredible charisma and a great sense of humor, and children are just captivated by his energy and cleverness.  He did a magnificent job at our Young Writers'


guiding children through both the creative and more technical elements of brainstorming and writing.  I am sure he will do the same for your students.  We already have plans to invite him back to our school.


Jill Rivel


Young Writers Workshop Coordinator

Solomon Schecter School of Westchester



  There is no author/entertainer that our    students admire more that Jason Edwards.  Since his first visit last year, Jason has been an active member of the PS11 High Bridge learning community. He actively inspired writing from our second through fifth graders.   He especially reached our students with learning disabilities in a caring way as no other.  He inspired writing from our hard to reach students by making writing an active, fun event.


Experiencing an author in such an inter active way struck a deep learning chord with our children in ways they will never forget.


Roseanna Gulisano - Librarian,

the PS11 High Bridge School



“Particularly for that (7-14 year old) age group, to have them so excited about learning to use the library catalog and researching where to find books is simply amazing.”


Patricia Cohn

Children's Librarian 

The Warner Library, Tarrytown, NY

Captivating!  Slyly Eductional,

and loads of FUN!

Sydney Young 

Children's Librarian, Glen Ridge, NJ

I highly recommend author/performer Jason Edwards and his Monster Detective Agency. 

Mr. Edwards easily earned a spot as one of the "must-have" performers for our library. His lively manner readily engages the children no matter what program he is giving.  Jason Edwards has performed a number of "Monster Hunt" scavenger hunts for our elementary school-aged patrons.  His programs are always well thought out, well executed, and very entertaining.  The Monster Hunt program puts the library skills of the children to the test, encouraging them to use the online catalog and the Dewey Decimal system to find answers.  The children are the "detectives," and work with Mr. Edwards step-by-step through the puzzle decoding/glue gathering process. As a bonus, his programs always carry a special message of encouragement and empowerment.


I simply cannot express just how many parents have thanked me for having such fun, creative, and informational programs at the library.  This recent remark by a parent sums it up best: "Thank you for holding the scavenger hunt last night.  My children actually thanked me this morning for taking them to the library.  It was as if I had taken them to Disney!"



Erin Schirota

Head of Youth Services, Bronxville Public Library


   Belmont's Principal, staff and students all enjoyed Jason's performance a great deal.  I spoke to many teachers and children after the presentations and all feedback was incredibly positive.  He was energetic and engaging.  The children in all age groups were captivated throughout the assembly.  The teachers loved his story about how he got started and found him to be motivating.


I am so happy I spotted him at the Suffolk Cultural Arts Showcase.  I recommend his program highly.

Lisa Zdenek, 

Belmont ES PTA, VP Cultural Arts Chairperson

On behalf of the B-V PTA, I highly recommend Jason Edwards and his Monster Story program as a very effective presentation which not only educates students about the essential elements of a story, but motivates them to write - and read - on their own. Mr. Edwards  possesses the rare quality of being able to connect with students of various ages and abilities in a group setting, and elicit participation from each child.  His program was very stimulating, engaged the students in a participatory fashion, and created an excitement for writing and reading in even our most reluctant students. He has a gift for being able to impart to children the self-confidence they need to create writings of their own.



From a coordinator’s viewpoint it is a genuine pleasure to work with Mr. Edwards.  He is enthusiastic, flexible, accommodating, and very personable. His cooperation in tailoring his program to our needs was refreshing. During the time between presentations, he was available to classrooms he had previously visited to answer questions and work with students on their stories. He used every spare moment to the fullest.


The reactions of all of our students and staff were extremely positive, and they are looking forward to his next visit to our school, as am I.



Andrea O'Malley

PTA cultural enrichment coordinator

Buchanan-Verplanck Elementary School


"Absolutely Fantastic!  


  I give this program an A+!"


Stephanie Stam

Principal, Lee Ave Elementary School




It is with great pleasure that I recommend author Jason Edwards.   Mr. Edwards spent an entire week at my school and met with each class individually allowing every student to be an active participant in his programs. The children thoroughly enjoyed reading his books, but it was the visit that turned reading his 'Monster Detective Agency' books into an experience. The visit included Monster Hunts and StoryPlays designed for children to learn research skills by finding clues written in a secret code that are hidden in books throughout the library. Participants learned to use the library catalog and the Dewey Decimal System to locate the books that had the hidden clues, and used the decoded instructions to capture the “monster.” The program ended with the children being commissioned as deputy detectives in the Monster Detective Agency. This program was a literature experience I don't think I or my students will ever forget. Mr. Edwards would be an asset to your organization, and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement.



Laura Fleming  School Library Media Specialist, Cherry Hill School, River Edge, NJ 



“Jason Edwards' provided us with a wonderful program.  We were very very pleased to have had it, and we hope others will enjoy it as much as we did.”


Sally Dow

Children's Librarian, Ossining Public Library

"We recently hosted Jason Edwards' Monster Hunt at our library. The kids loved it, and developed library research skills without even noticing! And the background message about facing your fears, went down really easily, even with older kids. Jason worked really well with both young and old searchers.  He clearly loves what he does, has lots of experience and a great sense of humor. If you are looking for a clever, fun program, this is a great option."

Teresa Bueti - Children's Services, Chappaqua Public Library

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