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Welcome to

our interACTIVE Story and Illustration Creating Adventure:


Enter the CreatureMaker Lab

where kids Create Characters, Choose Settings,

& Develop the Plotlines to produce their own Amazing Stories!

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Learn About the Foundational Elenents of StoryCrafting

Turn Simple Lines and Shapes
into Fantastic Creations!

CREATURE CRAFTING 101 story and art workshop cultivates creativity in the one true no-judgment zone for young artists :  Building MONSTERS!


More than a show -

             Award-winning author/illustrator Jason Edwards guides kids through the process of producing their own fantastic creations!

Create Incredible

and the Characters
Who Confront Them!

 Participants learn and apply Jason's simple tricks for developing an author-eye for detail, determining character traits, emotions, and actions, expressing traits both visually and with words, and for bringing their creations to life.

See this program in action!

Creature Crafters of all ages develop observation, illustration, storycrafting, and vocabulary skills as they review and generate distinctive traits for all kinds of characters, practice the use of simple shapes and lines to convey traits and feelings, and design and draw their own unique creatures.

Utilizing in-person or online presentation(s), author-created templates and guides, and hands-on instruction from an award-winning author, participants of all levels of artistic experience and ability become skilled creature crafters: their creations are always perfect monsters!

This is educational enrichment as it should be:

Captivating, Engaging, and Empowering

It’s not just another author visit and not just an illustration tutorial:

it’s a monstrous adventure!


Program length is flexible and content can be adapted to multiple grades and ages. For budding writers and/or illustrators, there are supplemental lessons that review additional elements of the creative process and can be tailored, mixed, and matched to the curriculum needs of each grade.

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