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  Kids learn while having a grand adventure  

  as they hunt for treasure  

  just like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft !  

  In this hands-on activity, young learners build observation, puzzle solving, and research skills  

  as they follow mysterious trails, uncover hidden clues, solve baffling riddles, decode secret messages,  

  and overcome challenging obstacles to recover a priceless artifact.  


  They work cooperatively, identifying historical landmarks, utilizing knowledge about history,  

  employing deductive reasoning, and locating books of all different kinds – all by themselves!  

  Everyone has their own items to find and proceeds at their own pace.   

  So EVERYONE SUCCEEDS, and helps to recover the lost treasure!  

See the Program in ACTION!

View Program video here 

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                            Kids love it  

     because it’s loads of FUN

                            Educators and parents love it  

              because children are active, engaged,

         and develop vital skills                    



  1)   It’s CAPTIVATING - The program is active and engaging: everyone is always involved and busy                   because everyone always has a task to perform.

  2)   It’s HASSLE FREE - There is no required set-up on your part: all materials,   preparation,                 

                                                             and clean up are provided by 'edutainer' Jason Edwards – the History Detective!   

  3)   It’s FLEXIBLE  - There are over 100 program variations accommodating different age groups,              

                          time frames, and levels of ability, as well as incorporating  

                        a multitude of different themes and curriculum content.  

  4)   It’s SLYLY EDUCATIONAL - Kids learn without knowing they’re learning                 

                                                          They build knowledge and utilize research skills, employ deductive reasoning  

                   and puzzle solving skills, practice cooperative learning,  

                      and even apply elements of CBT Anxiety-control Training.  

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