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Our NEW Adventure!

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Ahoy mateys!

Have a Grand Adventure

as you follow mysterious trails, discover hidden clues,

solve baffling riddles, reveal secret messages, and overcome challenging obstacles to track down a lost treasure!


Build observation and puzzle solving skills as you search for clues. 

Everyone has their own items to find and proceeds at their own pace.

So EVERYONE SUCCEEDS, and helps to recover the treasure chest!


A Hands-on Activity That Delights Everyone -



The program is active and engaging: every participant is involved because everyone always has a job to do: in this program, the KIDS are the stars of the show!



There is no required set-up on your part: our program performer provides all materials, preparation, and clean up.



Designed for 7 - 15 year olds, Accommodating a wide range of levels of ability: There is no competing and every child proceeds at his or her own pace. It is designed to last one hour, but can be shortened or extended to meet your needs.



Kids learn to use the library catalog, decipher coded instructions, utilize deductive reasoning, and work cooperatively.

Every hunt is a success, and every hunter is a winner!

This captivating adventure helps build library research and observation skills in a fun, highly interactive program that while also teaching about the importance of the oceans and seas to our world’s environment.

For more information or to schedule a Treasure Hunt 

contact Program Director Jan Silverman

by phone at (914) 437-7628, or E-mail at

Program Details:


Program Materials

All materials and props are provided and set up by the program performer.


Program Requirements

Access to the library’s computer catalog system is intended, but alternate arrangements can be made if this is not possible.  Also, children need space to sit and decode their clues together, so a space with tables and chairs is recommended.


Program Procedure

1)          Before children arrive – Clue cards are hidden in books throughout the library.  Also hidden is a small treasure chest, which is placed in a secluded spot, as well as some placards and trails which will help lead to the secret hiding place. 


2)          The Introduction -- Once all participants are present, the activity is initiated when the Detective in Charge (the facilitator) introduces himself and asks for help in locating a pirate's treasure that is stashed in the library.  Participants, using only their observation skills, will uncover the first clue, which, once decoded, tells where to find the next series of clues that will lead to the treasure chest.


3)          Groups are formed -- Participants are broken up into groups of three or four and provided with Clue Decoder cards.  Every member of the group is assigned a task – Clue Master, Decoder, Recorder, or Seeker, and for successive clues the tasks are rotated so that each participant has a turn at every task.  Each clue, once decoded, provides information about how to find the treasure, and tells the group which book holds their next clue. As needed, the facilitator will demonstrate how to use the library catalog and Dewey Decimal System to locate the books that contain the clues they seek. 


4)          Clues are pursued -- Participants search the library to find each book that contains a clue and then decode its treasure hunting instructions.  Every group has its own set of clues to find – there is never any competing over clues and so everyone proceeds at their own pace.  When enough clues are decoded (or time is running out) the groups are called together to share their information.


5)          The Finale -- A collective effort to find the treasure is undertaken. All participants gather and group search takes place, using the decoded instructions to lead them to the hidden treasure chest.  Once the participants have successfully found the treasure, a ceremony is conducted in which they are rewarded with their own Detective Membership Cards, and they are sworn in as newly appointed associate detectives.



Program Educational Objectives

1)          Children learn and/or utilize knowledge of the layout of the library and how each section is organized, apply/advance their proficiency in the use of the library catalog, Dewey Decimal System, and alphabetical arrangement, in order to find books of all different kinds on their own.

2)          Children build cooperative learning skills by working together to find and decode clues, and by collectively conducting a search for the hidden treasure. Every participant's efforts is vital to the group's success.



Frequently Asked Questions:


1)  What days and times is this program available? 

This program is available to be performed any day of the week at any time of day. You can view the program schedule to find open dates by following this link (or cut and paste into your browser), or you can contact us at your convenience to review scheduling options.


2)   How many children can participate at once?

That number is determined by the size of your library. For an average-size library, the limit is approximately 25 children. 


3)    What is the program length?

The program has variations that can fit into various time periods from a 45 minute program up to a 1 hour 15 minute program. The first performance requires a 1 and a half hour set-up and any additional performances require a 5-10 minute reset. There is a 30 minute clean-up required at the conclusion.


4)   What is the fee?

Our standard program fee is $295.00. For a smaller library or one in which a low number of participants is expected, that fee is reduced to $259.00. There is no travel fee for libraries within a one hour and a half drive from our Greenburgh, NY office. There is a $50 travel surcharge for longer distances.

BUT THIS YEAR THAT IS ALL OUT THE WINDOW. We know how hard it is right now to scrounge up program dollars, so our fee structure for 2022 is entirely flexible: you can name your price for a program performance.


5)   What about COVID protocols?

We do not know what the protocols will be in place this Summer for in-person performances, but everyone involved in our productions is fully vaccinated and will be happy to present proof thereof, comply with masking requirements, temperature checks and health questionnaires, and/or follow any other procedures that may be required.


6)    What are the program's age restrictions? 

The Seven Seas Treasure Hunt requires the deciphering of written clues, so READING AND WRITING SKILLS ARE NECESSARY for full participation. As such, it is designed for children in the 7 - 15 year old age range.

That being said, occasionally a few little brothers and sisters tag along, and we create (minor) roles for them to play as well.

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